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Few Americans eat horse meat or consider it something they'd ever want to eat, while in France and other countries horse meat is a delicacy. But, while horse meat consumption here is rare, many firms send American-raised horses to countries like France to be slaughtered and eaten. Of course, we can't control what other nations do but we can refrain from investing our dollars or consent to companies and organizations that do not treat animals humanely and are even engaged in the cruel slaughter of majestic horses.

Our four-legged equine brothers must have a voice and that's what we here at Corral of Comfort provide -- with your help!

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Corral of Comfort is wholeheartedly dedicated to rescuing horses from very dire situations including neglect through carelessness, being "discarded" by owners because they can no longer win races, etc., and then rehabilitating them.

Sadly, sometimes good people just are unable to care for their horses any longer. Others come to regard their horses as unwanted and neglect or abandon them like yesterday's garbage. Many of these horses are sent to slaughter even though they could live productive lives for many more years. There is something inherently inhumane about calling any horse unfit for life!

Not surprisingly, many of the horses that arrive at Corral of Comfort have pressing medical needs with many being underweight. Our loving Volunteers bind up their wounds and provide them with nourishing food and lots of tender, loving care. Corral of Comfort then places rehabilitated horses in approved, loving homes

Corral of Comfort also works hard to make the public aware of the plight of horses and does all it can to help nurture empathy for animals and people, young and old.

As you might expect, it takes a great deal of money to do all Corral of Comfort does for unwanted, neglected, abused or otherwise discarded horses. We can, in fact, only handle what we have money on-hand to cover (Though we go the extra mile in many instances such as when we find a horse left tied up outside our front gate). As such, Donations are greatly appreciated and very much needed.

Our Goal is to provide a safe environment, Veterinary care, food, Farrier, Shelter and a safe place until they are able to be placed in a new home.

We are not funded by any state or government agency and depend solely on small grants, our sponsorship program and donations from good hearted folks like you! Furthermore, we have no paid employees and are solely run by volunteers and our board members and kind people like you who care. Please feel free to Call (661) 361-9188 for more information or e-mail

''Deed's Not Words only''

There is strength in numbers so let's all work together to end the abuse & slaughter of horses!

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Corral of Comfort: Privately owned and operated.
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